I know that look all too well.

That playful, deviant look

that masks the need...

growing within him.

He needs me...

to fullfil his desire to dominate

and be in control.

I am helpless.

at his mercy.



His love for me allows

this side of him to emerge...

My love for him encourages

his sadistic nature to reveal itself.

He enjoys my submission.

He is fulfilled by my willingness to trust him.

To serve him.

To give him complete control.

There is nothing quite like

The passion that arises...

from being so deeply connected

and the mutual sharing of oneself without inhibition.

I am blindfolded... I cannot see...

senses deprived,

Can not reach out and touch.

Yet... with the slightest breeze,

I feel so much.

Intimacy grows

as he binds me...

First one hand

and then the other.

behind my back

this time.

I'm wet with anticipation

His voice melts my fears

As he dictates to me

All that he sees and feels

I love being so adored

and the pleasure he receives

From having the ability

to do whatever he may please

I feel him moving closer.

Wonder what he has in store.

I feel the warmth of his body near.

My heart races... pleasant fear.

Warm strong hands upon my shoulders.

He's standing behind me.


One hand glides gently... up my neck

as his fingers slide effortlessly

into my silky hair.

A fistful,

He grabs firmly

yanking my head back.

Face close to mine

He orders me to remain still,

any sqirming or movement will illicit


The psychological bondage has begun.

This is a challenge for me

He knows it,

I imagine he is smiling...

An exercise of body and mind.

I must maintain control

or face his wrath... ;)

His lips softly brush against my neck

as he slowly releases his grasp

and moves away.

I long for him to remain near.

I want to feel his warmth.

I sit,


awaiting his next command.

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