Down Fall

That’s three days now

The sky a solid white blanket

That doesn’t keep me warm

I feel lost not knowing where the sun is

It’d not there to lift my head up

So it stays where it is

Memorizing, tracing the veins in my feet

Looking for the smallest bit of blue to break

The solid, white blanket.

I need to reach up and cut a hole

In that blanket

Let my feelings flow through

Into the lonely world

Even if they get lost and wasted,

I’d rather them there and not in my

Solid, white blanket.

It blocks out every vision I have

Seeps into my heart and clouds

The love, the spirit it holds

Leaves me by a pit where

The pendulum just keeps swinging

I have to escape, I try to escape

The blanket’s to big, an irregular shape

I’m falling, I’m falling, the blanket won’t catch me

The sun, my only chance, will melt these fatal

Icicles into a sea of soft water

And rid of my blanket forever

My solid, white blanket.

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