This Is The Picture From October

Brown Tulips dot the surface, keeping close

Dampening the spirit of their new visitor

Hemlock boughs seem to reach down

Their green and brown, a blur

In the moist eyes of this queen

Trying to caress her back

Dark green casts a cold shadow

The sun’s warmth she lacks

It can only spot the surface

Sparkling on autumn leaves

Blown from Maples on another man’s land

As she kneels on the water, “Please…”

The soft, white dress hides her, like the

Leaves hide the water’s cold darkness

But the trees crowded around her

Can’t fully eliminate the brightness

The only leave a small circle

Despite their towering height

Revealing the light, blue day

And the silver stars at night

The dark shades around her

Drop her head into her hands

And tears seep through fingers

They just don’t understand

The feelings escaping her body

Hit the surface, causing no disturbance

They stay in a small circle

Constantly growing, they claim their importance

Sitting on top of the surface

They glow bright with the fall colors

As she looks up she wonders

How these worthless feelings of hers

Could mean so much to something else

Just realizing she’s cared for

Dries her eyes and the puddle, her heart

Lifts her up and walks her away

From a dark, wet depression.

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