Never Forget ReVamped



Never Forget ~ReVamped~


How could I ever forget, As I will always remember your face
A woman I had loved who pulled me to grace.
All the memories of our story trapped within my head,
I am running, yet stuck within my own solitary web.
Tread softly for the ground has become unstable
remember fondly for those memories of our experience becomes a part of our soul


Our love was deemed forbidden, so we had it hidden
and as the world collapsed down around us,
All I would remember was your loving touch.”


This was once an attempt to be a love story,
words that had bled from my heart for the world to read
I have been knocked down, and pushed around.
Yet I still smile to this day, no matter what it is they have to say
I tried to forget, and I have tried to let go
to crawl out from the darkness down below
the nature of evil and dreaming of that lost kiss.
No one should live like this, forced to walk, step forward and move on
where time passes, life changes, and the little moments never last that long
and all the memories, and all the failures I hope to never forget.


Reality is constantly being shaped by the desires
of our own beating heart, allowing our minds
to be inspired with all the beautiful works of art.”

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Beautifull. I loved this, it

Beautifull. I loved this, it was very sweet, and showed your emotions very well. Your heart is something no one should break, it should be protected. Whom ever hurt you, didn't deserve such a fantastic man. I'm sorry they hurt you, and I'm sorry for the pain that you felt. You didn't deserve that at all. And your right, you will always remember her face. As will any of us that has once felt that love, and has lost it.
But I have two quotes, one I wrote while in love along time ago , and one after he walked away, leaving me crushed with pain.

Your on my mind, your in my soul, your my heart, my heart has no holes.

If I loved you once, I'll love you again, if I don't, then I never did.

Meaning if you loved that person, though they hurt you,or left you,
And oh still loves them through it, then it is love, but if you just like or feel for them,
Then what you thought was love, was not truely love. Just moment love, but true love, still awaits your heart.

Very good poem, loved it.has true meaning, and feeling. Keep writing :)