Hip Hop Life

...And as Hip Hop grows there's more hip hop woes,

Seeing more and more hip hop shows- Well, shows with "Hip Hop 'themes'"

Exploiting our life for their growth and the root of all greed.

Which is also the root of our need- But not out of greed, but necessity,

Because it seems once I was born God chose to stop blessing me.

But I'm supposed to believe that each day is a blessing, Why?

Each day just brings more stressing- What's next man.

Bringing cameras into the hood for a filming of the Real World?

That's not needed- The hood is seen everyday on the 9p.m news.

The pick and they choose what to cover- Or should I say uncover.

All it takes is one brother and bam- You have your headline,

There could be a white man traveling at speed surpassing the redline.

3 people are dead? That's fine- This minority robbed a lady,

A white woman forgot her baby?- The shit doesn't matter,

The "Hip Hop" world is the bottom of the barrel- But the top of the news ladder.

I can't decide what's sadder- The fact that our way of Life has become a side show for Entertainment,

Or the fact that now all of our youths Idol's have become tainted.

By those same shows we watch everyday- P. Diddy runs a marathon,

He finished in the thousandths- But recieved more kudos than the man who won.

All because he is a Hip Hop mogul- An Icon of sorts,

I am by no means hating on him or anyone- But it doesn't make sense what they choose to report.

But if I chose to abort this Life- And started living by the American standard of "what is white",

Then I'd be pigeon holed and outcast- Considered a sell out- How is that right?

That's right- In order to be pefcieved as genuine- I have to remain this way forever,

No matter if I like it or not- But shit, we're told it's gonna get better.

We know better than to believe what we're told- Or to buy everything being sold.

Because bullshit comes with a high price tag- But they don't show that.

We've been raised to know that- But the suburbia world doesn't,

They'll never know the difference between what was and what wasn't.

They don't know the streets- They only hear the beats, they don't feel the street's heat.

The world doesn;t realize that we eat, shit and sleep this Hip Hop life.

Not because it's cool- Or beacuse on MTV we saw a Hip Hop themed show,

This isn't a life that most of us have chose- It's the only life we know.

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