You Make Me

You make me better than I ever thought one could be,

Simply...Cuz you want for me.

Everything that I've ever wanted but have been too afraid to chase,

You embrace my flaws and support my choices,

You've become a member of my subconscious- Like one of those little voices.

I love that you make me- Even when I don't want to,

You make me face this life- Though I don't know what I'm gonna do.

But one day I'm gonna prove- That I do love you the way I claim,

Even more than what's her name- I promise.

One day I'll make you forget about your past- You'll forget about time,

One day I'll make love to you and penetrate your mind.

We'll have subconscious foreplay and make your soul climax,

I'll make your heart throb and have you say, "Don't touch me cuz I'm sensitive."

I don't have much to offer you but you make me wanna offer it anyway,

Like, what the hell- Here, it's yours.

If I could dream up my perfect girl- She'd never come close to you,

Shit, if I could dream up a perfect world- It'd be made up of mostly you.

And you make me wanna try- Because I picture us being together,

Because you make me wanna make you happy- I don't know if it'll be forever.

But if forever leads to tomorrow- Than we'll never be apart,

And if tomorrow is just the beginning- Than everday will be a new start.

You are, my everything- My answer to the question "Why?",

And if you ever wonder why I love you- It's because 10 months ago,

You made me wanna try.

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Simply Beautiful.