If I Was Black

I speak from a different perspective,

Respected by those whose thoughts are commonly neglected.

It's expected where I come from- Especially for those with a dark hue,

Most of whom were taught not to hate but after so much shit you start to.

So I understand.

Because I've witnessed the struggles- Par-taken in the hustles,

And have seen the troubles caused just by walking in a convenient store,

The streets are raw- Flip it around and the streets are a war zone,

You're an idle if you're a hustler- Your name quickly gets well known.

You try to escape this hell hole and hope that your story gets well told.

Where I come from, you don't just sell drugs homie- You sell souls.

We get "blowed" because it's expected- Reject the thought of selling out,

This is our life and we accept it but you must admit- It's a compelling route.

You judge at first glance and immediately make assumptions,

But contrary to your presumptions, I could make it at black tie functions.

I function just as well as you- My vocabulary is ahead of you,

I'm probably better read than you and my pants stay above my waste.

Your distaste for my kind is evident in your body language,

I just can't take it- But I'm supposed to tolerate you?

The look in your eyes is hateful- It's wasteful how you spend your time,

You look at me with anger while I look at you and smile.

All the while imagining exactly what's running through your mind,

So much hate spewing out of you- Aimed at your own kind.

It's just fuel to my fire another burden added to my back,

You hate me this much and I'm white,

Just imagine if I was black.

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Dog, I seen this title and I'm like ... 'and I'm the one holdin' out?' But, nope, read it before, just forgot the title. You already know..........FIRE

~It's For The Kids~