Pray for Melania

The moment I wake up

I pray that today we'll break up

You know I never cared for you

Tell you something honey

I married you for your money

How could I ever care for you?


You liar! Your pants!

Look! They're on fire!

You said you adore me 

I checked your cell 

Still calling that whore Stormy!

You said it was critical 

For reasons political 

That I remain married to you


Ok now we're past it

You still are a heartless bastard

I've had it!

I am leaving you


Before I'll be leaving

Here's something to 

Be believing 

I want to be sharin' 

It's about Barron


Our son! Barron!

Not sure if I should tell you


Who needs all this drama?

Wish I was Michelle Obama

She's in love with her boo

Should I even bother?

To tell you you're not his father

What you'd just say?

Can't believe you!

I hate you too...



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