In the town of monuments

I heard they built a wall

A place for fallen heroes

Who sacrificed their all

For men who had the courage

And never got their due

Who lived for God and country

And died for me and you

Emboldened by the thought of them

I vanquished all my fears

And searched along the hallowed path

Humbled by the years

I knelt beside my father's name

And those of all his peers

I rubbed it with a piece of cloth

And blessed it with my tears

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True story. My dad's name
(Lawrence Byron Tatum) is on the Vietnam Wall. Some years ago, I finally summoned up the courage to visit him "on the wall." What a mixture of sadness, love, and pride!  

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Gerald Rinks's picture

Terry, what a wonderful poem! I feel that it is dedicated to all of us that went to Vietnam but especially for those who gave their lives. I'm sad that you lost your father their, I lost a few friends also. I'm sure he would be proud to read your poetry, this one most of all. Thankyou for letting me know. I check a couple of times a week for your stuff but I hadn't seen this yet.