Ramshackle barn

What stories do you know

Born of sturdy hands

One hundred years ago?

Did you come into this world

By a raising dance and feast?

Were they full of pride

Did they toast you at the least?

As a child upon this hill

Did you watch the biplanes soar?

Did you hear the model T

Come chugging by your door?

And in your adolescence

Were there lovers in your loft

Rolling in the hay

And cooing low and soft?

And in your middle age

Did your farmboys leave their chores?

Did they stop to say goodbye

When they left to fight the wars?

And when they came to rest

At the bottom of the hill

Did that start you leaning left

And feeling older still?

Now that you are feeble

And splitting at the seams

Was the journey worth it

Did it satisfy your dreams?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Questions that came to mind on a Sunday drive through the back roads of Kentucky.

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pudnsis1's picture

How apt for the backroads of Kentucky. Have been there. I could see your images so vividly, You brought me back. Thanks. Linda