If history has a lesson

It is that man is a herding animal

A warring, territorial beast

Instincts honed over millenia

Can't be wished away

In a few short centuries

Of "civilization"

They can't be abolished

By golden rules or commandments

Temporary kind thoughts

Or other niceties

No, when push comes to shove

Flags get raised, fences go up

Kind words become curses

And weapons are brandished

If you are not a friend

You are a foe

If you don't look like us,

Talk like us, think like us

Look out!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you are a nationalist from ANY country of origin you probably don't like what I have to say.  But, that's the whole point, isn't it!

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Robert C Millar's picture

I am a nationalist but I still agree with what you have written. There is a lot of truth in what you say. Well done.

Shawn Clark's picture

Peace be with you. I knew i was not the only one. War is a cancer that eats away at our very existances.