equals mc squared

said the good doctor einstein

and the rest, as they say, is history

the manhattan project under oppenheimer

and fermi delivered a brand spanking baby boy

he was an unruly boy sometimes given to

explosive outbursts some

would even say he

was possessed

but he was





a little loud

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If memory serves me, the first atomic bomb was named "Little Boy." When this poem is centered in the page, with the centers of each line aligned, it forms a perfect mushroom cloud. I don't know if the formatting software allows this. At least I can't figure it out. Oh well...

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hehhe...forgot to add, thanxs for dedicating this work to me, Terry. It is indeed my honor to know u....and a great pleasure too ~ It is always intriguing to read your works - they show such a depth and sensitivity. Smilesz. I just hope my shimmmering light aint as bright as this little boy's...hehe. And may i add, that YOUR light is very beautifully inspiring too .~! ciao ~ ~ ~ ~

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now that u have described and explained this piece to me, Terry....i think i do understand it better ~! Smilesz. Indeed, this 'little boy' is bright enough to solve many other problems...but his sheer brightness is in itself, a bane and problem sometimes. I can see how much your scientific work has inspired many of your works...Smilesz. Thanxs for the help in making me see the light for this poem...take care~!