Quicksilver moon

You mean so much to me

Playing hide and seek

Tween the branches

Of the tree

You are the lead

In a star-studded cast

Shining brightest of them all

You're a stunner

To the last


Where do you go

On your monthly nights away?

Do you hang out with the sun

Does he give you

Time to play?


What do you do

When you come back into view?

Hope you're smiling down on me

While I'm looking

Up to you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by that big beautiful moon in Spielberg's movie, "A.I."

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Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre's picture

Hi d Hey Terry!! :) I'm back!! Enjoyed this, as you knew I would. Good word choices made for an easy out loud read! Wasn't sure about the "so..." and "And..." dividers as I'm told not to use those words where they can be cut. But they didn't slow the read and gave a natural pause. Still in all...great li'l poem! Thanks for sharing it!! :) That Happy Chica :) Marcia Ellen

Melvin Lee's picture

Hhhhmmm, i have yet to see this movie, but my interest is aptly aroused by your wonderful poem. It is simple...yet speaks much of the whimsicality and dreamy reverie often associated with a moon shining down on a quiet night... Great show, once again Terry... your insight into the most mundane things leaves me standing in awe, everytime... Smilesz. Thanxs for sharing... Hope u can leave some words for my LOVE newbies too ~! hehehe... ciao for now ,.