History is what we remember of the past

It is not truth in the whole

As our memory changes so does our history

News is not what matters but what sells

It is a democracy of the dollar

What makes the news is what we remember

Control the news and you control history

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The man who almost single-handedly propelled us into the 20th Century with his inventions in audio (phonograph), lighting (incandescent bulb), electricity to the home, telephone carbon transmitter, motion picture camera (kinetoscope), and the first full length feature movie (The Great Train Robbery) is not even known to most school kids.  But try to find one who doesn't know Michael Jordan.  What's wrong with this picture?

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hi terry, well now i am hooked. you have a lot of work here that i am going to have to keep coming back too. hey...by the way...i own an amberola that plays cylinder records. so...who is that Michael guy that you were talking about. good job on this poem. very thought provoking. thanks.