The evening storm

Takes the edge off

A sweltering day

I lay back in the wet grass

Shirtless and waiting

A curtain of dark clouds recedes

To the distant applause

Of rolling thunder

And the humid air stills

Then...the real lightning show

First one firefly, then another

Then a dozen at once

My summer sentinels

Perform nightly

And it is better than any

Fourth of July

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even as an adult I love lightning bugs.  They are a rite of Summer and on my short list of "cosmic" things.

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Gerald Rinks's picture

This brings an image of coming back with one of my children from camp. The evening would be well on its journey and road and fields would be littered with a million small lights that float gently in a jigsaw swirl. It is truly the magic of nature (God) at its finest. Nice poem.

Melvin Lee's picture

Hhmm..'summer sentinels'...very eloquent way of expressing these flies, Terry...Smilesz. This poem is filled with powerful evoking words that jump out to paint the scenes for the reader.... And yeah....such a lightning show can outshine any 4th of July...well said , indeed~! thanxs for sharing this, i am glad u provided such a 'show' for me...since i have never seen one myself. :( hv a nice day ~!~!