She wed a man who built a box

And kept her lock and key

She cooked his meals and darned his socks

And gave her love for free

She lived her life inside the box

With not a thought astray

She didn't draw outside the lines

Or seem to think that way

So when he died she followed suit

There were no friends around

Her boxed up life had boxed her in

And locked her in the ground

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A commentary on abuse and complicity.  Overbearing and controlling people seek passive partners and vice versa. The "box" in the first stanza was a house. The "box" in the second stanza was her mind. And the "box" in the last stanza was a coffin. The irony of the last two lines was the reason for the title, since a coffin is the final and most feared type of box.

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kiwi's picture

A very sad situation....only half a life.very well described.

Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.

Winston Reedyriver's picture

hi, terry, this is the 2nd poem of yours that i have read. and i've felt compelled to comment both times. you are very talented. this poem is rings so true for so many lives in this day. you expressed it very well. thanks.

Melvin Lee's picture

hhhmmm... yes indeed, a sad and painful poem on abuse... What struck me here?? I must say, the rhyming words, and also the feelings provoked and hinted behind the lines. Meaningful,truthful and painful... great one again, terry~! Smilesz. thanxs for informing and sharing with me.~! Hope u like my Ancient newbies tis week !