I inhale the chilly air

Like a man on life support

The smell of wet pine

Mixes well with hot coffee

Outside my cabin door

Mother robin hops the dew

Searching for worms I left behind

The worms I have will feed the fish

At the bottom of the holler

Before I walk the trail

With rod and reel in hand

I marvel how the hilltops

Look like islands in the clouds

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Beautiful. Nothing more to say to that ; )

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Melvin: You got it exactly right! This is my spring poem after my winter poem ("Treasure From The Sky"). Guess which one I'm working on next! The only sure clue to spring (and not fall) was the reference to "mother robin." The wet pines could be either rain or snow melt (I left it ambiguous), although the fog in the valley (Appalachia word is "holler") is really more a reference to morning after a night spring rain. The fish always bite better after a rain knocks the bugs out of the air. The clues to time of day (morning) were numerous, including coffee, chilly air, robin hopping the dew, fog in the valley, and the preparation before a walk down the trail to go fishing. Anyway, thanks for the feedback! Terry

Melvin Lee's picture this during a morning in the transition of winter to spring?~!, where water flows from melted ice upon 'wet pine' amid feelings of joyfulness and liveliness. Anyway, great interplay of imagery and sentimentality here, Terry....Wowoow....i stand in awe~! Thanxs for sharing this~!

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Loved it! You painted a great word picture of the great outdoors!