Now that you're gone, all things are about you

I walk the seashore, your feet squish the sand

The seagulls are cackling above me with laughter

I toss them the bread that I hold in your hand

I squint in harsh sunlight and pull out dark glasses

I balance them sure on the bridge of your nose

The fiddlers are dancing, they scurry right past me

They dodge and they weave when you wiggle your toes

I taste the salt spraying of waves that come crashing

In closing my eyes, I am kissing your lips

I smell in the breezes the sea so enchanting

But nothing so like your perfumed fingertips

Two lovers approaching are holding our hands

If only they knew what is rubbing me wrong

I pick up a seashell and listen intently

And all that I hear is your favorite song

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Using a sensory rich venue (the beach), I wanted to incorporate all 5 senses in relating the obsession of love lost.  

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