I blew the dust away

And held the weathered frame

At angle in the light

To see the portrait well

I felt a sudden jolt

She seemed to look at me

Her lips appeared to form

A Mona Lisa smile

With trembling of my hands

I gently touched her face

I gazed into her eyes

And traced her sacred hair

I'd seen this face before

These eyes, these lips, this smile

I'd seen them every night

In fitfull dreams awhile

Alas, the pictured girl

Was swimming in my tears

She was a soulmate lost

About a hundred years

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just imagine if your one and only soulmate lived at another time in history and you stumbled across her old dusty portrait in an attic.  LOST IN TIME rather than space (geography).  Bummer!

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pudnsis1's picture

Well penned. Just saw the repeat of "The Time Machine" Where Christopher Reeves sees this portrait and takes himself back to her time. Beautiful romance as is your words so well penned. Linda

Winston Reedyriver's picture i am getting jealous. because i have thought of writing a poem in a similar vein to this, but have yet to follow through. it was going to be about finding a long lost love in the pages of a dusty book in an old library. great job with this one too terry. my oh my, you are pretty damn good!

HAWK SQUAW's picture

Terry.... I have to say that this piece was so awesome.... casting a haunting question.... what if our one and only soulmate lived in another time..... this piece was came to life on the page for me..... the words dipping and dancing to some unheard music..... gave me chills.... I loved it... well done......

Shaz ...............'s picture

To Terry, Wow....first word that comes into my mind after reading that unreal poem. The best thing I like about poems is looking at someones thoughts and feeling and veiws. You have shared your thought very well here and I loved reading every single word of it. Thank you for sharing your talent with me and please keep on writting you thoughts and feelings. Shaz

Melvin Lee's picture

Another poem that well deserves comments`~! I like the question u just posed, Terry... hhhhm....interesting. I have always been intrigued by such questions about time and space....and about parallel dimensions ...and astropsyhics..... A lovely tale has been told...Smilesz. thanxs for sharing this.