I give up on Love happily ever after there is

     no such thing I am done I am just going to devote

   myself to my friends to my health and to GOD and my

  kids sometimes you can not even count on your kids but

  you love them any how but as for me I done with Love

I am done trying to chase after a dream that is never

  going to happen and who ever ask me to do anything

with them next time I am doing it I am going to live

my life even if it means being alone forever but you

never really alone when you have God,

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Hi Teresa, I just read and enjoyed your poem..
Don't fret over love....I believe if it is going to happen it will...If not it won't...Live your life and be happy...there are many kinds of love....If there is to be a man in your life...He will appear...I do believe this...
let him find you....nice writing...heather