Today I feel all alone it is Holiday weekend like

   today when I miss my family everyone is probably with

  there family"s doing what ever and I am feeling all alone

  just cleaning my place and watching movies on tv is all I

have to look for ward to all week end. For those that have

  family do not ever take them for granted because when you

  loose them it is the most hardest thing in the world,

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Hello Teresa, it is as if you are talking to me, although I did not mean to be alone, I am.. my only 2 kids relocated to the US, I was contented to be with my husband, then heaven took him..To be alone is very, very hard, but maybe God took pity on me, I get by with the help of my friends, PP, FB, I still date now and then, I have a crush :-).. and I take care of some business my husband left for me...When I am really old and grey, my kids say, that I have to be with them.So OK, I say, but until then, heaven can wait, and so can I..

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Hi Teresa, you are so very right....we should treasure each moment with loved ones as if it was the last one...
sometimes we wait until it is tooo late before we
realize this...well written...good thought...