You try to be nice to your friends and you try

      to do good things but sometimes what do you get

   in return hurt I feel hurt someone told me today God

test are faith and I think he is doing that with me

  sometimes trying to make everyone so important to me in

  my life I forget about God and in the end some times that

  is all you can count on people do not say who they really

  are they lie to you and you have to try to see if it

  is the truth or not but I still try to do good things

   because that is who I am but sometimes it never turns

   out for me,

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

sorry you feel hurt by those you consider friends. What happened?

heatherburns35's picture

hi teresa, sometimes when we try our best, it is not enough...so true...however, God knows our heart is good...
and he will honor that in the end...people come and people go, but God is constant...This write made me think...I enjoyed the read...good job...