I don"t care about anything any more I have not

  being out of my apartment since last Sunday I do not

   care what happens any more I try to make friends then

it is the wrong friends I try to care then I care to much

  and right now I do not care about anything how do we

  know who is telling the truth or not, going to have

  my daughter here tomorrow and then that is hard on me

she in a wheel chair and sometimes I just get so sad when

  I see her as a mom you want to fix her but I can not

  and I am getting so I do not care about happily ever

  after any more I do not think that is ever going to happen

  with me I just do not care what happens anymore and

I do not care if I go out if i dont if i see anyone or

  i dont i dont care,

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I can so relate to this poem. I've been quite depressed these past three days. dtr blew me off two days in row for movies,3 jobs I tried for didn't pan and one that was to call back end of week never called. Add to that this place I call the graveyard because people are anti-social well it's worse this weekend because even a lot of the normal hibernators have taken off making the parking lot look like a ghost town. That's an eerie feeling in itself. Tomorrow hoping to find out if I can get a ride to NH to see my John. I will pray hard for that tonight.