What Is Love?


Love is what?

A feeling that you get? A thought in your brain?

Love is where you long,for someone everyday

and night. It is where you dream of there touch.

Love is different for everyone.

  What do you think Love is?

  Where you will buy them anything?

  Or where you would give up your, life to give them

  what they want.Maybe it is where you would do,

  anything for them. What do you think it is?

What do I think? I think Love is where you, can"t live

without someone. It"s where you can"t get them, out of your

head out of your heart out of your soul Love Is what I have

for you, but you love someone else now so Love for me can

be pain and heart break and you feel like you want to die

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Aly Laufman's picture

I love this poem. Your thoughts about love I've never really taken into effect before. Love is changes, it comes in so many ways. There's happy love, and there's sad love. When someone breaks you, you don't think about how your love for them is different, but it's true, love becomes painful when someone hurts you.