The lake is still it"s frozen in time there is

   nothing that stops this not even sunshine nature

   stops and waits for its beginning, everything is silent

   even the animals sleeping. The scenery is white, as well

  as the day, The eve is calm and the snow shall lay

  everything is covered nothing is untouched, Life is smothered

  the sights are beautiful, the days are cold this time

  is wonderful eventually summer will unfold.

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greenmeadow's picture

Your words surely are from the heart. Your nature is such a thing of beauty to be appreciated even if the world makes your Lake STILL. If you will try to write this in a poetic sequence, you will realize how the flow is naturally enchanting. Do try it! Even so, it is your choice how you created your passion and style. Still, I love this piece.

"Did not our heart burn within us?" ~Luke 24:32