Never again will I feel Love,

   Never again will I dream of happily ever after,

   Never again will will i belive in fairy tales

   or a house with a white picket fence around it,

   Never again will I dream of Love,

   Never again will I put my trust in a man,

   Never again will I open my heart to a man,

   Never never again will i open my heart my heart

   is closed and locked and i will never put myself

   through that again,

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dial666's picture

Taht's pretty much how I'm feeling now, sorry it happened to you.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Take respite but never say never for you may close doors that would make you feel complete. Give things time,give your self time and as much of it as you need to breathe again,then take your first steps...I wish for you all happiness possible..