My son growing so strong and brave,

  God will guide your heart

  Dreams will carry your feet.

While time leads your paths,

And your heritage your soul,

Climb the mountains to the sky

On wings of courage, you can fly,

Your life circle will be complete,

When your dreams sleep God will be with you

My son you have being through so much in your life

and now you have made changes you have a good life

now you have the love of your life Jennifer and you

have God and as your mother I am so proud of what you

have done in your life and I want you to know

I will always love you and even if I can"t be there

at times You know I Love you and am proud of you and I

wish you and Jennifer all the love and happiness in your

new apartment together and my son always show her you

love her never take her for granted.  

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Christine Scullion's picture

This is soo beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

great piece, I can relate, I think right now my son Stephen may be hooking up with a girl Sarah from his past who it seems makes him happy now. time will tell if they take a place together hahalol..Best wishes for your son and his girl...