So stressed so anxious right now

    and I'm not sure why feeling like I

  want to just go somewhere peaceful and quiet

  no phone no computer just nature and the mountains

  there are days where I simply feel like I am looseing

  it this stress i think is killing me.

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I can relate with you, I'm job hunting ,stressing waiting on calls/em coming back what seems hopeful initially plays a hurry up and wait game and with rain of late which I hate rainy days I get cabin fever bad and want to get out. Today no job interviews no calls and was nice .Couldhave done stuff in house but said to hell with it an went for a long walk. Came back was ok but just feeling pent up lately. No money for extra gas to go anywhere and it has to be saved for only interviews so that is a stress byitself without even looking at gas pumps now over $3 gal