I have being so hurt in the past

   being emotionaly drained that sometimes

   its hard for me to get past the hurts and

   then when i find happiness and love sometimes

   I feel a need to sabotge myself and prevent anyone

   from getting to close to me but i have found

    happiness now and love and i am trying so hard not

    to loose that love I have made many mistakes in

    the past and i don"t want to do that again I am so

     scared of something right now and i think I am so

     scared of looseing that love that i have found i

     i love him so much.

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Rachel F's picture

I like this one. I know the feeling too. Try not to concentrate too much on not messing it up or like me you may mess it up for trying too hard. Sounds odd, but trust me its worth just relaxing a little and letting go a lot. Good luck. Great poem.