I don"t know what is wrong with me.

  I don"t know why i keep pushing people away.

  I don"t know why i feel like i am looseing it.

  I don"t know why i feel like my nerves are so bad.

  I don"t know why i yell at the people that I love.

  I don"t know why i want people around and yet i don"t.

  I don"t know why my eyes have forgotten how to swim

  and are drowning in sadness.

  I don"t know why i am feeling like i am stuggleing between

  good and evil.

  I don"t know why i can"t trust that when someone tells me

  there going to be there for me i don"t belive them.

  I don"t know what is wrong with me.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I found this interesting because everyone goes through times of question and doubt and it's usually when someone else has said or done something to make us feel inadequate for whatever reason. In society the constant "measuring" up crap is what really sets this feeling off. I can like this piece to say it's like a learning curve or pace. Say someone learns something fast,the next person is middle of the road and the person at bottom of the list struggles but all learn the same thing.The person at the bottom will question because others make them feel inadequate that they are not fast learners.It does not make them stupid it simply means a different pace of understanding.Having been a call center trainer I've seen this,so I always told me people ask me 10x10 times a question,if you don't understand then I have to make changes in my presentation so you do understand-see my point?

Brian's picture

Hey Teresa

I know exactly this feeling, and I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with you, and believe me I know how this feels, us men can be pretty hard on women, I have been told we are all jerks, but men feel this way too, If you are still feeling this way just do what I do, remember to breathe and go day by day