Anger locked inside,

  Smiles seen,

  Tears within,

  Pain hidden,

  Deep inside my soul,

  Locked up for no one to know,

  People don"t realize,

  The pain I feel.

  The pressure to be perfect,

  All add to the stress I have,

  I look for a release from the pain,

  Laughter with my friends,

Provides only a short ecxtasy.

Why is there no way out?

What will give me a way out?

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Krystin Clay's picture

depression is awful im sry u have to go thru it... i do also... i dunno if ur christian but i find that if i pray it gets better. even tho i know it'll never completely go away.

phil_carcione's picture

Depression is a cruel thing to live with, but some of those I know who live with say that their writing helps. I hope yours does also.


tweety_32's picture

I know these feelings all to well. You described DEPRESSION so well in your words.

There is a way out! Keep writing as beautifully as you have.

Joe Logsdon's picture

I love this. Thanks for the critique. I enjoy your poems too.


Lasohnda Harris's picture

I can relate 2 this poem i like it very much