Remember the promise we made. That we would love each

   other for ever and a day. My love will always be so

  strong, even when every thing went wrong. My love for you will

   never die yours did I don"t know why. The sleepless night

  and all the tears that are here from dusk till dawn I

pray that someday they will be gone. There will never be

  another love like mine.But with God"s help maybe in time

they will be gone. The promises we made together when love

  was strong and real are broken now my heart may never heal.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by my friend Joy
for anyone that has suffered a broken heart,

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C Don's picture

I can relate to this poem. I like you poems as well. Cdon

Tiffany McRae's picture

I right now can truly related to this poem, and it is beatufully written thiers a lot of emotion!