At 16 you took my innocence away. You violated my trust, my body you made me rage and lose myself and gave me no reason for living you defiled me for nothing not even understanding you were wrong you left me angry memories disgust and a frightened heart no matter how many years its being it still haunts me to this day I don"t know if my wounds will ever heal this is the first time i have ever wrote my feelings down about this i was 16 you were 37 I have had to live with this for 49 years now I despie you i have never being able to say that my whole life but i do i pity you and because of you thats why i have panic attacks. And all because of you.

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You Know who you are.

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I'm so sorry you have had to endure this. Hopefully by writing this emotional piece it will help in some small way.


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wow... nice ... it has so much meaning in it i feel so bad. how can people do this. just violate who they want i love this one nice job

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Oh! I can relate to this, thanks to a close family member; I tell you no lies! One thing I do know for sure is that they who have done us so, so wrong have and are suffering in a way that you would not even begain to believe!! I saw my abuser live a life of constant pain, confusion, illness, sorrow, then had the nerve to take that continued lie to their grave! I am speaking out about this subject matter because if you take a honest look at society today and go back in history man has done the same thing in every
inmoral sense of his Godless acts towards humanity. He lies, pilfers, kills, rapes, beats, tortures, oppresses, suppresses, places the elderly with all the wisdom in what we call hursing homes (which are really jailhouses)and believes that he can support in great honor an entire country at an age that seems guite young to me. Hell! You can be the leader of a country under the age of fifty, and to tell you the truth the first twenty-one years of any life form does not count; you have not used what you have been taught in such a short period of time, from birth until twenty-one we were all students of society. My final statement in this review is this, who and what group of men decided to enforce the laws that declared a young female child to be a fully grown adult well balanced mentally stable WOMAN under the age of twenty-one! In one particular state I understand that a teenager is considered an adult at seventeen years of age! Get a grip!
I am a man and I say this is a bunch of crap! Some of us (all of mankind) have not reached the mature lever to function in society at fifty years of age so what gives? Please don't be bitter nor hold in the anger, it is hard on the body's ability to stay healthy, In the beginning just say that you forgive this person and the feeling of wholeness will follow; this I am a witness to. The person that harmed you may never give you the pleasure of knowing that they are sorry, but can bet a dollar to a dime they will never be able to forget what they did to you; life won't allow this to happen. There will always be a moment in time that will remind them of the wrong they have done to you and will suffer quietly inside until they beg your forgiveness, ask God's forgivness and repent of the evils they have done; otherwise they have nothing to look forward to but a living hell on earth with the side dish of additional hell thereafter. Thank you for the most heartfelt expressions and I respectfully say to you let your life begain a new chapter right now; smile and be happy! How do we become happy? We give a helping hand, an open ear and a shoulder to lean on for the weak at heart; this I've found brings sheer happiness and not that kind of self fulfilling carnal type of joy but the real heartfelt happiness that words can't always explain! Now go and start all over and claim that part of the wonderful life has in store for you and your loved ones too!!!