My Grandmother was someone special with a warm and tender touch the memories shared with her all meant so much. The thoughtful little things she did could chase the  clouds away and bring rays of sunshine. She could brighten up any day. Yes, Grandma was quite a special loveing, kind and precious Grandmother with eyes of blue that sparkled and her hair was white but she was a beautiful grandmother inside and out i would love to go over to her house on sudays and listen to her storys and loved her cooking yes my Grandmother was a special Grandmother.

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I know how you feel. My grandma was more like my mom and my best friend. She was really the fondation of my family and I'm glad that she's the one who raised me, cause I would hate to of seen what I would of turned out like if she didn't. I liked this poem a lot and can really relate!
R.I.P. Claudette Wald