I give everything to my family even though i have pain myself I want the pain to get better but it doesn"t no matter what i do it never gets better its hard to take this pain everyday it never goes away never I can"t hardly take it anymore God please make this pain go away.

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Thank you for this open poem letter, I have a lot of respect for you on this account and I have the Godly-Spiritual concern for you as a person who has the wisdom to seek God to help you with something too gerat for you to deal with on your own! "Its Hard To Take This Pain" was a favorite song of mine when I was in the same frame of mind and in the same kind of pain you know all too well. It is a shame but to tell you the truth, family can bring you so much joy or pure hell; whichever seems to be the life style inherited from generation to generation! I was the only child without all the joys one in that position would expect to recieve, my family made me feel worthless and sad for the most part. I began to focus on what seemed to be the good life of other families in my neighborhood and I soon learned they were living a big lie just like all the other folks I THOUGHT were so w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l !!!
With a lot of hard knocks and some pretty good moments of having some fun (staying clear of gangs large groups and the police)and I held on to these great thoughts and kept my butt out of trouble, went to school and kept a few dollars in my pocket that NO ONE EVER KNEW ABOUT! Only family members can push your buttons to make you FEEL so un-necessary about yourself and the future that they can see as being a bright one for you but refuse to acknowledge
and promote you with self confidence and a sense of greatness; this I know all too well! Please remember this: Your family (the grown-ups) were at one time childern, young adults too; before they became adults(if thats what we call them) with a history of how they behaved growing up
in the family. I did some research on my family members in their situation as growing up, and I found out that they also had issues that were not resolved; now they are adults with a family but with the same hauntings and secrets in the closet that remain just as they are today! Without being disrespectful to anyone in your family I say to you that you now must prepare to improve yourself without the guilt trips and saddness that has been place within your soul without just cause. Step back and watch them for the human beings they are, detatch a bit forgetting that they hold the family title of mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister and whoever they may be and you will be very surprised to see that people are simply just people no matter who they are; just plan old humans on this planet acting foolishly towards each other!
Do for yourself and feel good about yourself too! Keep your head in the books and time will present a chance for you to rise beyond all that brings you such pain! I speak with all honesty and respect, not so much as an adult but as a victim too! Family? May God bless the great ones that fear his wrath and forgive and give grace with instructions on how to live a better life to those how don't know His Supernatrual powers. May God fill your loving heart with goodness to remove all the hurts and pains that trouble you and may He show you the blessings that are yours just for asking Him, After you ask God for His help you MUST remain still upon your bed and listen for His words for they WILL surly come to you in that small still voice that you will truly know it is God! This too I know!!! Thank you for your time and the sharing of this beautiful inner expression of what I know is the truth
and please stay a believer in God! The Holy Spirit is real!
I have spent the time to share this with because someone else took the time to tell me the same things I am saying to you now; this is our Godly duty to help one another who suffer the pains of this earthly life! God Bless you and the ones you hold dear to your heart.