I hate these panic attacks where i feel like my head is spinning out of control and i feel like i"m going to die or loose control of myself and cry all the time i hate this feeling.

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I hate when I get like that, too.

-Nicole Esparza

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Thank u for your comments also, I can relate with you on this one along time ago when I suffered with panic attacks. I do believe we can conquer them. It is a mind over matter even when the doctor says it is a chemical imbalance. I was hospitalized for panic dissorder when I was 20yrs old. I suffered with panic attacks since I was about 12 to I was about 25yrs. Ive just learned to put my anxietys in Gods hands. Im not saying it is easy, nothing in life is easy. Where there is a will there is a way. You want to get better you will. Try to stay positive and only worrie when need to. I wish u all the success on your journey of conquering the battle of anxiety, and to not be conquered. sincerly Bobbie

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I can soooo relate.