There are tears on my pillow

  from crying all night wishing you

were here,holding me tight. But you are

always so far away from me. Our two loving hearts

will never be free.We will never be free to show

how much we care to hold each other through the

  night to hold each other tight Love is in the heart

  and soul of every man and woman, and is made apparent by the body. Love is always faithful and love makes us never want to say goodbye.

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Tears may come as selfishness from the heartaches the flesh always brings. Tears may also come from the growths we experience as life revolves in and through, around and about us all; the true painless and forgiving love is from the spirit within each soul that seeks God and if not so then I guess crying will always be the cup of tea by choice as well as expectation. Great poetic expression for those who know and have been there; alone and lonely with only out tears as company that overstay their welcome!

Nathaniel London Jr. from Chicago, IL.