Nothing I can write in this world can describe this pain I know so well or the rush of fear i feel unles theyhave being living my life and have being suffering for years, and its impossible to understand I cry each night. I can"t get better no matter what i try to do. And you"d never understand this pain unless it was happening to you.

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Oh yes I understand it well

Relentless days, of numbing pain
and nights that never end,
Before it's light, I'l take my life
and never feel again.

For I've been ill, so very long
more than I can take.
God give me peace, and I shall sleep
forever and never wake

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wow, this one struck me hard! I was reading it and i was thinking that it was an okay poem, but when i read that last line... OH! it just really struck me hard, and i had to reread the poem and it meant so much to me, and i absolutely love it! It's such a sad poem, but beautiful all the same.. that's true talent.. great job!


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Suffering with pain is like the words that can't be expressed because the letters to tell it all dosen't exist.
Suffering with pain is like being stood up on prom night, left at the altar, a one night stand forgiven only to have them hurt you once more, the false hopes told by someone with nothing to do be play with your emotions. To suffer with pain is for the inability for others to see the love that you have to give, the devotion you wish to live by and the honest caring you were born with to give and share.
But most of all suffering with pain is the final chapter that has a happy ending if only we would just forgive ourselves; forgive and forgive and forgive until it sinks all in for on our death bed the past will run swiftly across our minds eye with the simple solution now seen so clearly!My suffering with pain would be that you had grown use to suffering just for the sake of suffering; as water erodes stone in time so should the suffering with laughter and pleasent thoughts, learn all over again to play, at fifty three years of age this is what i an doing right now!
Say to hell with the suffering and spend time and money on YOU!!!!!!!!! I love to travel and fish and this is what I am going to do! SMILE TOO!!!