Duane"s Poems

    Love is up and down like a roller coaster

   Love is like having the flu you can not eat you

  can not sleep Love is all you do is think of that person

from morning tell night Love is you can not do anything right

when you are away from them you can not concentrate on

  anything you try to keep busy and then you think about them

you remember the last time you saw each other you remember

there smile there looks the way they look at you across the

  room the little things they do for you yes Love is like

  a roller coaster it has its ups and downs,

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vilmazab's picture

Love is thinking of him, the moment you wake up, until you rest in the evening..In pain and in happiness, you want to be comforted by him...Love sucks when it is unrequited...thank you for sharing, you are very right.