"She's in Heaven?" my daughter asked me,

overwhelmed by her concern.

"What's she doing?  Where'd she go?"

She has so much to learn.

But I told her she's with family,

and the angels up above.

I told her that we can's see her,

but she watches us with love.

So many questions she has for me,

as I try hard not to cry.

It has been really hard for me,

having to tell my grandma goodbye.

But through my tears I see the light,

I know that it was best.

My grandma's life had been so hard,

and now it's time for her to rest.

No more tears, no more pain,

she is finally at peace.

I take a deep breath and sigh a big sigh,

as I wait for my tears to cease.

I kiss my daughter gently,

and I hug her really tight,

I tell her what I tell her every evening,

I love you, Catherine, goodnight!

Everytime I kiss my daughter,

or see her smiling face,

I think of my loving grandmother,

and I know she's in a much better place.

I wish my daughter got to know her better,

I think of the memories they'd been able to make.

But there's one thing that will stay with her,

She's my daughter's namesake.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My grandmother, Catherine Cesnick, passed away 7/29/06.  I will miss her very much, she was truly a wonderful woman.

10/16/1911 - 7/29/2006

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wow... its poetic shart story type... a good experience indeed... i enjoyed it very much.. soul touching one