The Corner

I sit in the corner with my head on my knees..

Feeling so ashamed of what has happend again..

Ashamed of the marks and the bruises left from him..

Not wanting anyone to see me like this..

For what if they think its all my fault..

As I already do..

I sit in the corner with my body shakeing in fear..

Knowing it will soon start up again.

If only I could run..

If only I could ask for help without fear..

If only I could believe someone would care to help me..

If I could could only feel its safe enough to trust.

I sit in the courner wondering all the why 's..

Trying to figure out what I have done or said so wrong..

I sit in the coner wanting to die so that this would all come to an end.

So I would no longer have to feel any of this or ask and of the questions I do everyday..

I sit in the corner and just cry..

Hopeing it will all end..

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