Haunting Hangover Haze

As I walk thru the town on this dark hollows eve..  Everything has a errie quietness about it..  

Its almost midnight and there is a unusal spooky haze over the graves in town..  

They say this is when those that are barried there will

rise for one last time till next year..

To walk the earth looking thru the windows of those who have done evit to them..

With there chains rattleing and there moans that can be felt clear thru to your bones putting a chill up your spine..

To make people think they are crazy..

Becasue they are not sure of the cause of this and unaware of what is happening to them.. .

This cant be real they all tell themselves..

As they hear things coming from the rooms are in..

Words being spoken and things crashing down from shelves and


As they look outside and see the haunting haze over the

roads and the graveyards..

They dont understand the hauntings they are hearing are

coming from the haze..

They try to ignore whats happening..

Unsure of that it is..  

Not to ever speak out it..

Becasue they fear what people will think..

Pumkinheadangel0: What they will see..

So instead they stare out the windows at this haunting

haze and wonder.

Will there ever be a year this will not happen again..

So they no longer have to fear this day..

The return of the haunting hangover haze..

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