To My Old Freind


"Will I lie to myself to be happy?"   -Leonard Shelby

You sit in front of me.

I see you.

The light reflects off of you.

A single glare.

When will you be gone?

Why do you hurt me so?

Why do I let you?

I opened myself to you,

    And you opened me.

I let you in,

    And you hurt me so.

The cuts were deep.

I bled for you.

I ask again for it,

    But won't.

You don't help.

You only cause pain.

You make me cry.

I grew up not knowing you.

Now that i do you won't leave.

I know more because of you.

I would be happier now knowing.

Forgetting one such as you is hard,

Even when all signs are gone.

A memory of times wishing to be forgotten.

So easy.

All prepared.

What keeps me from it?

What stops me?

What will I lose if I do?

What is there to lose?

Old friend I listen.

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