Just One More Drop


Joy can run away so quickly.

Fear can take over.

Tears fill me eyes.

No Reason for it.

What is wrong with me?

What will take this away?

Only one thought.

Only one drop will do.

I must fight.

Must press on.

Please help me.

When nothing goes right.

When all is wrong.

When there is no answer.

When there is no one.

I just ask for one drop.

A single flick.

A small slice.

All for a few drops.

I can't.

Tears flow easily.

Covering all in their salty texture.

Why no answer?

So many questions.

     No answer.

So many chances.

     Must not do it.

Even when pushing all away.

     Must search.

No clouds have a silver lining.

Only silver is that of my blade.

Not every rose has a thorn,

Yet I still bleed.

Blood flows from my rock heart.

Can't squeeze water from this rock.

No broken spirit.

No spirit to break.

Must press on.

A few drops will do.

None may flow.

Tears may come.

    And do.

Blood wants to.

    But can't.

Why do I allow this fear?

Will it all be better one day?

Must i find peace on my own?

Just one more drop please.

A single drop will do.

It is the easy way out.

None are for me.

None are against me.

None are there at all.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a work in progress so expect more eventually

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