Who am I ?


The first time I've started to think,

                Who am I ? Undecided

Over the days, Over the years.

Passed a long way, but still the same.

     Everyday, Every second.

Searching one one answer

  That is who am I ? Innocent

Growing up gradually to survive the life,

Knowing the world but unknown one thing,

      That is who am I ? Undecided

I'm learning science,

Knowing the business.

Practicing politics,

Gaining wealth,

Serving the people,

Teaching them life.

But at the end of the day, I just ask,

       Who am I ? Undecided

From where I came and where I'll go?

For what I born and what the reason I grow?

For what I should die then why I was born?

Trillions of questions growing on my mind,

But the greatest question is for me 

  That who am I ? Smile

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first online posted poem... I hope its fine anough to draw attraction of you all.

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ramonathompsont's picture

I think we all wonder on this

I think we all wonder on this one from time to time. Who are we and why we are we here?

KingofWords's picture

Nice one

Good job Tanjid. Keep writing. Smile