A Sunflower

I'm a sunflower, seeking for warmth. Bright and full of life. My lifeline hovers billions of miles above me, and I admire it. Every time it shows up, I stand as tall as I can, and just admire it. But you. You're the moon. You follow it. But I don't seek for you. I don't seek for you, I don't admire you, and I don't need you. And do you care? After every day, comes night. Comes you. And you hover above me, shining and shimmering. But by then, I've already gone. I've become dull and weak. And your shine can't save me, because it's not the same. Your shine is cold and dull. But I seek warmth and happiness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not based off of anything, I’m just a hopeless romantic.

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