something impossible


time is wasting you to a shred of yourself

(not that you know this


and you turn to me and say



I could almost cry

at how much you’ve thrown on me

half a world / of humans in this city

so now I cry for the lives you won’t know


all the beautiful things in your head

I won’t have a chance to hear anymore


oh / wonder is a fitting weight

for the kaleidoscope ink of our missing tomorrows

oh / hope is a hard thing to hold when I wake

and now it lies / beside a body

my heart lies to me that

busy will keep you alive


this bright sadness

says more about me than it does about you

I don’t know how your balancing act ended

but I am still stranded

funny how the lonely has built me an island

and not the other way around-

fuck I wish you were here

if not to tell me all the stories

then at least to build my lonely


I am still searching for someone

who will say hello

the way you do

someone with that angle of smile

that gravity

(make me your orbit)

someone with that particular

shade of everything

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/14/23

for maggie

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