I hear you changed your hair I hear you keep my friends around

yes we started in the kitchen but we didn’t make it down

to the rocks and stones and pretty where the magic blows you south

and I hear you keep my picture on one side of your mouth


I hear you sprinkle sadness between lines on every page

and want to be an astronaut just to break out of our cage

I hear my smoke and bitterness fills your lungs with spice and soft

so I’ll hold on to your opinion till these edges cut you off


I hear you exhale water when we’re playing hide and seek

I hear you used to shut your eyes and see if you could keep

the rhymes and all the reasons and your hand soft in mine

the pictures and the valleys and the lilt in every line


I hear you listen lonely to the songs I keep inside

the smallest piece of dreamland, only place I think to hide

take a breath and lose my voice and start to drive and then

I want you running out my head and out of all the pens


it’s strange the things you listen to if you just keep in touch

with the royal and the smallest and ones you loved just as much

I need them but I need this more so they’ll be ghosts so soon

it’s funny how I hold so tight the things we listen to

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/14/21

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