tomorrow, maybe


you tumble through my fingers

like knots in a string

I have been playing with for as long as I can remember

I know these corners like I have become their sandpaper

and fuck do I want to be softer


you frame my mirror but

it is still too wide

for me to see what I’m looking at


this is life with just the promise of living

still there are things I haven’t done

I go off the edge when I can’t see the end

I am mourning this like summer

like it is a loss I never had to lose

it is dangling and



I will turn around and everything is gone


maybe they’re wrong of me

these wicked things

but I have lost more than I’ve loved

and when I can I will put one foot in every corner


be creative

they said

well don’t I need the paintbrush

before I can create

before the worlds show themselves to me

don’t I need the small things to fuck me up

so I just sit here and hurt without knowing


I am caught mid step and I can’t stay like this

no matter if I’m stepping into heaven or hell


so yes



I will leave this past behind




I will let go of all the stones under my skin

float to the surface

and be able to breathe




I will make it to the end of the horizon

in time to see the sunset




I will see change and not think shatter-

I always forget to put myself back together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/30/21

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