The World As Music (January day 16)

the white blanket

as the world wakes

plays twinklings in my head

as if every flake had once been

a silver bell


i find all the possibilities,

all the music wrapped in these notes

like i can find the new in every moment


and yes the earth makes sounds as always but

i hear something else


like the slight shift the wind causes

a thousand years from now


like the rustle of heartbeats

under my first footstep


like something is whispering



look at all this imperfect

the crystals that don’t quite reach my skin

(yes I know I need new boots

but that is a worry for

after the shimmer is washed away

and the last note echoes out,

wraps itself into the hearts of all of us.)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/16/21

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